MPP Solutions - Empresa Mexicana dedicada a la inyección de plásticos y aplicación de pintura sobre piezas plásticas y metal MPP-Metal and Plastic Paint Solutions


We are a Company 100% mexican, with a wide experience in plastic injection and the application of paint on plastic parts with high quality endings, giving resistence to corrosion as well as other factors that may damage the substrates.

Establishing process regulations, from inspection, packing and material handling; Creating quality systems that allow us to be reliable for our customers.


Consolidate our presence in the regional market, for being líder on providing a quality service at better costs, and with certified quality process of the autoparts machinery industry.



Contribute to the protection and decoration of pieces for the automotive industry, through the development of quality process that exceed the requierements of our customers, with services that will improve their costs.


Our lines are structured with inyection systems and air extraction systems, and both are totally balanced, which alloud us to avoid contamination from the inside as from the outside in our products, at the same time we avoid contaminating emissions to the ecosystem, with this system’s will give us have an ecological process and make it highly efficient.



ISO 9001 - 2008

We are certified by ISO 9001-2008, and right now, we are in the process of certification for TS-16949

Quality Systems

Our quality systems should be focussed on the rerquierements and specifications of each one of our clients, having meassure equipment and the training on the inspection of each product that is processed in our line.

Inspection Process

In this first inspection stage, it's performed by a sampling method at the momento we get the product in our plant. The pieces selected are reviewed by checking they don't have shrinkage cavities, bursts, short shots, burrs, bumps, etc., to ensure the products is in it's best conditions to be painted.

Cleaning of the material

In this stage we'll have a total inspections of the material to get painted, piece by piece is cleaned with isopropyl alcohol to eliminate every particule or dust that may contaminate the paint process.

Intermediate Inspection

Inside of each of our cabines we have a quality inspector which role is to make sure that the materials that are being painted at the momento, are in perfect condition, this way we can assure our painting process.

Final Inspection

We make a final inspection of the painted products one by one based on the specifications of each one of our customers, this way we can guarantee the 100% of our job and be aproveed by our clients for the final release.

Lab Tests

Within our company, we have an internal área for lab test in which we can check the thickness, adhesión, hardness, colorimetry and brughtness of the worked parts if it's requiered by our customer.

Our Services

Cover finishes on plastic and metal

Plastic Molding

We have a variety of molding machines from the Haitian Machinery Ltd Brand with a capacity from the 250 to 530 tons that allows us to adapt to our clients need's, offering the best plastic molding option for their products, giving them an added value.

High Gloss finishes

Applied of paint on plastic parts for exterior automotive's with high gloss finishes in parts like mirrors, frames, etc., with high quality standars, protecting the substracts and providing an aesthethic finish of different colors.

Top Coat Finishes

Applied of paint on plastic parts for exterior automotive's like doors and boards to give a better esthethic appareance and protect the substract from the enviroment.


In our company we have work stations that allows us to work on assemblies for part numbers our clients may require.